Spring Things Mar22


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Spring Things

For those of you on the east coast of the US, I’m sure you’re as excited as I am for the passing of what was one of the worst –if not the worst– winters I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Happy spring, yo!

With spring comes spring things, cleanings, and planning and prep for summer. I’ve been doing some internal spring cleaning as of late, which involves getting all of this and last years sociopolitical frustrations out of my spirit and onto page. It’s career suicide for artists in the 21st century to let huge lags of time to pass without releasing new music. But I don’t make music for everyone. I make it for you.

If it doesn’t come from a true place of inspiration I’d rather not give it. I’m accountable for what I create because music is powerful. Music can affect a person’s emotional and spiritual state like no other medium. With that said, be mindful of what you’re taking in these days. There’s a lot of garbage that’s being dumped on folks for financial gain.

Your heart is not a dumpster.

You guys haven’t heard from me mostly because I’ve been hard at work developing the Message Tour– a project I believe will empower young people to overcome life challenges and become be wiser consumers and producers of music, film, art, text etc. Make no mistake, just because I’ve been quiet on the music front doesn’t mean I’m not executing the mission.

I hope to be back in touch soon with the musical output of all of this high-octane social input. Until then…

Stay Blessed, Not Stressed,