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Not in the sense of apes waking up one day and deciding to become human, but in the sense of its true definition— a process by which living things change and develop. Key word: change. It’s the crux of the old maxim: “The only thing constant is change.” It’s one of those laws of nature, like gravity or death, that transcend politics, religion, and even football.

But human beings don’t like change. We say we do but, truth of the matter is, most of us would get upset if someone walked in in the middle of our favorite television show and changed the channel. The only thing we hate more than change are things staying the same, which brings me to my next point: change is good. Emotional, spiritual, and intellectual evolution is good, as long as you don’t go nuts, respectively. It’s the distance between selfishness and selflessness, and the elevator ride from pride to humility.

These past few years have taught me how to truly embrace evolution, no matter how inconvenient it is sometimes. It’s humbling to know, and to be reminded, that you don’t call all of the shots all of the time. Thank God. It’s cliche to say, “There’s always room to grow,” but it’s revolutionary to live like you believe it. That means you can make mistakes, fail miserably, and/or be embarrassed without being afraid or ashamed because you’re truly living according to the process of life, and not a delusion of it.

Life is a process. Enjoy it. Breathe. Love God. Love people. Chill.

To evolve is a choice– one that we have the capacity to make with every decision (obviously).  Change is inescapable and inevitable. You can either get in front of it, or fall behind it. May 2015 position you for the former and not the latter.

It’s late… Happy 2015.